Hi, I’m Luise. I’m 21 years old and I live in Berlin. I’m the founder of UEBERALLEGRENZEN, which I started in September 2023.

What made me do it: I guess I have to explain my way of thinking. A long time ago, maybe all my life, I was thinking about life. I was thinking about human nature and what moves people in general.

I often found myself thinking more about the person who was talking than about the topic at hand. Why exactly this argument? What lies beneath the obvious? What moves this person? What developments have led to this opinion? I really wanted to understand the people I met . Sometimes it was really frustrating because I forgot to think about myself. Sometimes I thought I couldn’t keep up. Sometimes I was sad, sometimes I was angry and annoyed. So many feelings I couldn’t handle. I couldn’t understand. I thought I was the only one who was unhappy at times, and it is not accepted to feel such things.

Fortunately, I got older and understood that everyone feels that way. More or less. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It made me feel good to know that we are all in the same boat. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started feeling connected and with goodwill for my surroundings.

I learned a lot more with that kind of perspective. Today I know that everyone has a different kind of reality. A different way of thinking, a different focus on what is most important in life. We all have our own way, and it’s true that you’re happiest when you’re doing what you want. But to do that you have to get to know yourself. On this journey we can learn so much from each other if we want to. Unfortunately, we have not learnt to listen and be patient because everything is so damn fast and efficient. I hate capitalism! So many people’s egos grow through self-affirmation and the belief that they know what is best for everyone. But you know what? It’s complex and you have to understand that humanity, as smart as we are, can’t understand the complexity of life. A lot to think about. But enough thinking, a bit more about my background:


I went on a trip. A really long trip. With a friend of mine. We spent almost 6 months in our little camper called Hathi. We travelled through the Balkan states and ended up staying almost 2 months in Greece. Then Italy where our car broke down. After everything was fixed we continued through France and Spain (which we passed in three days) and headed for Lisbon. After that we spent 1 month in Morocco.


That’s where I started my interviews. I was really impressed by the time we spent in Morocco. The people we met, the culture we got to know. I wanted to share my experiences. I wanted people to talk about their lives and dreams, because every person we met was interesting and/or delightful. My dream is to have a website with people from all over the world. Different ages, nationalities, genders and pasts. I do want to learn from them. I want the exchange. By talking to each other we can learn and try to understand how different we live, but how equal we are. I believe that at our core we are equal. In a really kind and understanding way. There is no better or worse. Just sharing and learning from each other as a basis for goodwill.

At the moment it’s just the beginning, but I’d be blissfully happy if you’d like to stay and learn a bit about how different life can be.

Be kind and open-minded, and the world makes up for it.