Imane b.

Be nice with others.

Try to understand people.


I’m at a camping place next to Marrakesh. It’s so fucking hot. And noisy! I look around me, so many people eating, lying by the pool or having a drink at the small bar. A look up to the sky shows scarce yellowish clouds, which, I am certain, will not bring any rain at all. Palm trees frame the moving picture from all sides. My phone beeps and there is a voice coming from the other end.

Hey Hello! How are you?

Good, thank you!

Great! What’s your name?


How old are you?

I’m  32 years old.

What gender are you?

I’m female.

Where do you live?

I live in Agadir in Morocco.

What are you doing right now?

I’m trying to find a job in my field. Also I’m thinking about a business with art. I wasn’t really happy in my last job. I felt like a robot with all the routine. So I quit. Now I want to run my own business, maybe in artistic things. I have to earn money soon. I would love to have the feeling my life lays in my own hands.

What's about your childhood?

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Ouhawara. It’s a place close to Agadir. It’s an agricultur place and really beautiful. When I was 8 years old, my parents moved to Agadir. 

How was the contact with your Family?

With all the nearest family we are very close. Family is number one. We always eat together. Waiting for each other is duty! My family always comforting me. My  father  is a teacher. He don’t likes art, but its okay. I understand that he wants me to have a real job. Also I have two sisters. But I was the only one who was interested in cooking and baking.


I started primaryschool with 6, but my father teached me. (The first 2 years of primaryschool you
learn from one teacher.) I learnt
arabic alphabet and history and also a bit sience. I was a good student. I always tried to have good grates. Later, in Agadir, I also had Math and French. In highschool English and Sience. In Sport an Art, the artistic education, I
learned about Moroccan artists. After Highschool I studied Biologie in Marrakech. Back than I
 was 19 years old. My studie took me 3 years than I had the batchler. Afterwards I did my master in Fes at the University of Technologie and Sience.

Besides learning, what did you do in your childhood?

Normaly girls have dreams with girlthings. I liked foodball. I played football with boys and girls. Maroccan football is big. Also I helped my mother with house-stuff. I always loved to cook and to make everybody happy.

have you dreamed about your future?

I dreamed about a big farm, with own trees and plants. I was born in the natur. 

How are you right now?

Are you affraid of something in your Future?

Can I speak about religion?                  


No. I’m not afraid. I believe in God. When I’m not at peace, I know that my name is Imane and I think of God. Life is given to us. Do not worry about the future just live in the moment and try to be nice. Life is a lesson and I want to learn more.                                                                                  

Ahhh…in Arabic I would have better words!  

Haha! No problem, i think it’s never the less really intresting to talk to you!

Oh and can i ask you at this point: How important Is religion to you and what do you believe in?

I was actually born in a muslim family. I think  nobody can choose at this point. But you can grow into it and with it. I feel very  peaceful and thankful when I’m praying, for example. Ramadan is also important, you know. We have Ramadan in this month. It’s recharging our batterie. It’s really a high level of peace.

Okay! And whats about Politics? It’s also A topic for you?

Yeah sure! I think politics is in everything. It controlls our life. In the past I participate in a political-partie. It was a youth partie but I don’t know the english term right now. Also I go vote.

Okay. Nowdays?

At the moment I’m choosing not to vote. But I’m volunteering. I want to help others. There are many poor people in Morocco. When it’s snowing, it’s really cold in the mountains. Then we help the people and donate money or clothes. I really feel the need to help others.

Lets Move on to the Next Topic. What’s about Love, family and Friendship?

II feel that I have a kind of need to have a person who understands you. I want to be a mother one day, even more than I want to find love. But it’s all about balance. A lot of girls feel the need to be a mother, but for me it’s also important to find real love. In my religion, I have to get married before I can be a mother.  It’s not calculated. If I can’t find a person I love, it’s okay. I haven’t found the right person in recent years.

Is there a lot of Religios restriction and how you feel about it?

I can’t stop loving, I can’t stop feeling. But I have to be in a relationship with limits. Kissing before marriage is impossible.  That’s the vision of my religion. I respect my religion. But we are human, many women have children without marriage. Everyone makes mistakes. It is how we deal with it. It is not forbidden, but it is controlled.

Restriction About Drugs?

The law has parts similar to the Koran. For example, no alcohol in front of the police. You can find alcohol everywhere. But it’s more for tourism, because we respect the different cultures. Hashish is also forbidden. It’s an infrigement.

Okay Wow! Thank you so much Imane! I Learnd so much today. One last question:

What would you say to the world, if everybody would listen to you?

Be nice to other people. Try to understand them. Just  smile.

Thank You so much Imane!

You’re welcome 🙂