“Someday your life will come to an end, than money is  nothing worse anyway. I´m fulfilled.”






Luzi an I have just arrived in the desert. After 20 minutes of extremly bumpy driving through the Sahara, we see the dunes. It’s overwhelming! It’s the entrance to a world out of sand, unlike anything we’ve seen by now. Yellow sand and blue sky. Everywhere! We stay in a small camp next to the dunes. There is only one other girl and our host and cook. While it is almost 40° outside, we sit in our little mood-hut and drink sugary Berber tea.

Salām aleikum: 

Wa Aleikum assalam! 


What’s your name?



How old are you?



Which Gender?


Where do you live?

At the gates to the Sahara near Tagounite.


What are you doing rigth now?

Right now? I drink tea with my friends 😉

Tell me about your childhood.

where did you grow up?

I grew up in Tagounite, right inside the Sahara dunes.

How was the contact with your family?

I have five sisters and a brother who lives in Rabatt. My parents are divorced. My mother stayed in Tagounite. Meanwhile, my father moved to a village not far from here. He is in the Millitary. I don’t have much contact with him, we just phone from time to time, because I don’t really want to see him. He left my family early, leaving me and my older brother to take care of the the family. He didn’t give us any money. The contact with my mother is much better. I visit her when I’m in Tagounite.


Did you visit any School or University?

I went to school from  the age of 9 to 14 years. I skipped primary school.  I also never went to  university. Maybe one day, Inshallah!

 What did you do instead?

I worked in a big souk . It’s like a market or a  bazaar. I  sold herbs there.

 How Long did you do that?

For 4 years. From  the age of 9 to 11. After leaving school I worked as a tourist guide!. I did camel tours through the Sahara.

 Did you Had Time for Hobbies or friends?

Yes. I went to the Sahara with friends to talk and walk.

 Dreams Or Expections for your future?


Tell me about today.

How does your life look like today?

I’m still doing camel tours. Sometimes I guide tourists through the Sahara with a camper van.

What do you do in your freetime?

I love being in the Sahara with its  silence and vastness. I also like to visit other cities for example the desert city Shigata. I also enjoy cooking and walking around with friends inside the desert. If a friend asks me to go on a spontaneous trip, I might join. In general, I don’t really like to travel, for example, I’ve never left Morocco, I don’t feel much longing for it.

 and Berber Tea? 😉

For sure! Berber tea as often I can. Sheers!


Sheers! Are you religios Muhammad?

I believe in Allah! But I wouldn’t say I’m a Muslim. Sometimes I go to a Mosque and I’m also attending Ramadan. But I also drink alcohol, if there are Spanish tourists with alcohol, I’ll join in. But that’s life.

 Okay. But what do you really belive in?

I enjoy life. Above all I really like the calmess in the desert. I believe in the afterlife.I believe in everything that Allah has willed to happen. I want to stay healthy. That is my dream. Everything else happens as it should. 

What's about your future?

Muhammad, what do you want to archieve in life?

I don’t know. I sleep, wake up in the morning, get ready for the day. Walk and look around. That’s the most I plan to do.


No imagination when you think about your future? Maybe in ten years?

I have to see what comes next. I just want to stay healthy at all costs!


What’s about family?

Maybe someday. Not now. I need my freedom, with family it’s different.

And Politics?

I don’t like it. I’m not interested. I don’t think their decisions have much meaning for me. Politicians are crazy. With friends I only talk about life and work. There is not  much room for politics.

are you happy?

Oh yes. I like my life. I’m independent. I don’t have a house or a lot of money. Someday your life will come to an end, than money is  nothing worse anyway. I’m fulfilled. 

Nothing you would change?

Everything’s fine.

No bad days at all??

Sure! I stay alone then. To clear my mind.

 Muhammad, what would you say to the world, if everybody would listen to you?

Health is the most important thing! You can buy everything in life, but not health. health you can’t buy.